The Wine

The Wine


The Finest Wines from Around the World

Over the past century, The Goring has built up a truly impressive collection of Wines around the world. Now with over 500 wines available on the Goring Wine List guests are totally spoilt for choice.


The finest Clarets and Burgundies are the mainstay of the wine list, and our century old relationships with the growers and chateaux ensure we get our hands on rarities that others simply cannot. These are balanced very cleverly with a broad range of gems, interesting discoveries and classics from the most fertile wine territories in both the new and old worlds.


The secret of a great wine list is the right sommelier, which is precisely what we have in our Head Sommelier, Olivier Clausse. Olivier has visited vineyards around the world in search not only of wine that is ready to be tasted, but also wine that given time will mature into something quite incredible. The Sommelier team is always on hand to make recommendations to our guests on the perfect wine accompaniment and are always delighted to be of service.


Our house Champagnes are Ayala, a crisp, golden and well balanced Champagne, and Bollinger - a rich, biscuity Champagne which perfectly complements our award-winning afternoon tea.


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Fine Wines at the Goring