5 star hotel, Belgravia
5 star hotel, Belgravia



The History of The Goring
The Goring has a long and proud history as one of London’s finest luxury hotels dating back over a century to 1910…

Grand Opening of The Goring by founder Otto Richard Goring – the last hotel built in the reign of King Emperor Edward VII. Each bedroom has ‘en-suite’ bathrooms – the first in the World.
Price of a room – 7s 6d (37p)


Outbreak of 1st World War. Hotel becomes command centre for Chief of Allied Forces. Direct telephone link between General Pershing and President Wilson. The Allied War Effort is being run from The Goring Kitchen.Goring staff from France and Germany are evacuated, famously walking arm in arm to Victoria station singing each other’s national anthems.

Lady Randolph Churchill comes to live at The Goring and is visited frequently by her son, Mr Winston Churchill.


“Air-conditioning invented!” O.R. Goring installs enormous fan on roof, piped to every room. Vacuum cleaners are attached via outlets in skirting board – underwear sucked out into the air, blowing across London.
Price of a room – 25s (1.25 pounds)

The Hon.Violet d’Arcy comes to live at The Goring while she is Lady in Waiting to Queen Mary. The Queen often comes to tea with her at The Goring.

The General Strike. Opening of the new wing and Restaurant

Novelist Anthony Powell is inspired to invent his heroine The Hon. Angela Goring for his epic series of novels ‘A Dance to the Music of Time’ over tea at the hotel.

Coronation of King George Vl. Visit of the Norwegian Crown Prince, who explains his fondness for the hotel by saying ‘at Buckingham Palace I have to share a bath with five people! Here I have one to myself’.

Famous guests - Crown Prince & Princess of Norway; Crown Prince of Sweden

Leslie Nicol, switchboard operator, witnesses Churchill lifting the French Prime Minister Daladier off the floor by his lapels, with Chamberlain looking on.
Price of a room - 1.37 pounds

War again

Outbreak of the 2nd World War. Occupancy down to 6%. 150 Polish Officers accommodated.

The first ever colour footage of WWII is made. The Fox film crew stay at The Goring on their way to board landing craft for the D-Day Invasion.

Famous guests - Grand Duchess Xenia of Russia

Mrs Goring’s salad invented. To beat rationing, Edna Goring invents a special dish from “whatever we can find”, including, hare, whale, and on one occasion, an antelope shot by an officer in the Western Desert campaign. No rabbit is safe in the Goring garden.

Peace declared. Election of Labour Government and the austerity years. The King and Queen come to The Goring for sausages and scrambled eggs with the Princesses.

Lasting Peace

Christening of Prince Charles, with Christening Cake supplied by the Escoffier-trained Goring pastry chefs.

Famous guests - Princess Eugenie of Greece

Death of King George VI.

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth lI Vast influx of foreign royalty come to stay at the Goring, which becomes an annexe to Buckingham Palace.

Famous guests - Prince of Denmark; Prince & Princess Charles of Lichtenstein; Many members of the Royal Family of Greece; Harold Macmillan (Prime Minister 1957-1963); Clement Atlee (Prime Minister 1945-1951) 

The ‘60’s

50th Birthday. The Swinging Sixties. Jean Shrimpton causes consternation at The Goring by appearing in one of the first mini skirts.
Price of a room - 4 pounds.

Famous guests - Princess Kitiyahara of Thailand; The Royal Family of Nepal; Sir Alec Douglas-Home (Prime Minister 1963-1964)

‘70’s, ‘80’s
Annual visits from Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother as Patron of the Injured Jockeys Fund.
Price of a room in 1970 - 4.50 pounds.

Famous guests - Baroness Thatcher (Prime Minister 1979-1990); Harold Wilson (Prime Minister 1964-1970 & 1974-1976); Baron Callaghan (Prime Minister 1976-1979)

Modern times

Famous guests - Terry Wogan (Broadcaster); David Frost (Broadcaster); Michael Heseltine (Politician); Christopher Plummer (Actor); Sarah, Duchess of York, Vanessa Redgrave (Actress); President of Mexico

George Goring accepts an O.B.E. from Her Majesty The Queen at Buckingham Palace for “services to the hotel industry”.

Acquisition of the gardens from the Duke of Westminster.

Retirement of Mr George Goring on March 22nd after 43 years at the helm. Appointment of 4th generation Jeremy Goring.

Opening of the new Dining Room, designed by David Linley. The Dining Room voted best British Restaurant by ITV Carlton TV, in front of 5 million viewers.

The Goring voted number one hotel in London by readers of Travel + Leisure Magazine.

The Goring is the only family owned and run 5* deluxe hotel in London.

Again voted the best hotel in London by readers of Travel + Leisure Magazine

The Goring Centenary.


The Goring is granted a Royal Warrant for Hospitality Services by Her Majesty The Queen.

The Goring wins yet more awards, including Top Hotel in Europe for Travel & Leisure Magazine 2010.

The Goring is awarded the Top London Afternoon Tea Award by the UK Tea Guild.


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The founder, Otto Richard Goring

Chefs at the Christening of Prince Charles

A very historic dinner party