The Bar and Lounge

The Bar and Lounge

The Bar at the Goring Hotel

London's Quintessential Bar Experience

Tucked away in the wonderfully English district of Belgravia, the Goring Bar serve as the perfect sanctuary for those seeking a discreet luxury experience. From a relaxed evening drink with work colleagues, to a drinks party with friends or family the Goring Bar is a haven for anyone wanting to escape the relentless pace of the city – be they Lords and Ladies or ladies-who-lunch.


Designed by Tim Gosling, The Goring Lounge Bar exudes a refined Edwardian elegance that complements the style and décor of the rest of the hotel beautifully. Never stuffy and always welcoming, the Goring Bar is run by our lovable Irish rogue Brian Kinsella who prides himself in delivering the finest personal service to each of his guests.   


The Goring Bar boast a plethora of the finest drinks from around the world, from hundreds of reserve malt whiskey to vintage wines from the Goring Cellar. The bar staff will be able to suggest a drink for any palate or occasion. 


This is the perfect spot to ‘unplug’ yourself from the city! As a place of refuge from the hustle and bustle of the capital we ask that our guests help us preserve this sense of calm and tranquillity by switching off mobile telephones and laptops. 


Please view our wine page and wine lists.

It is one of the remaining bastions of old school which is proper throughout. The ambiance, the visitors the service and the wine list are truly outstanding.

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